Social media and the “public” academic: room for improvement?

I want to say that my relationship with social media exists at arm’s length, but in reality it probably doesn’t. It’s been just under five years ago since a colleague got me to reluctantly join Twitter, ostensibly to promote the British Society of Sports History’s 2012 conference at Glasgow University, where I worked at the time.  I find myself now on the verge of joining Facebook – just about ten years (if not more) after most of you have joined it – also as a means of enlarging my network for research contacts. After many years of being on, I finally migrated my research content and commentary over to WordPress earlier this year. So, it seems as good a time as any to take stock of what social media has provided me, what it hasn’t, and why a low social-media period at the beginning of this year felt like a good thing. Continue reading “Social media and the “public” academic: room for improvement?”


MP of the Month: James Lamont (1828-1913), Arctic explorer and scientist

This piece was originally posted on blog The Victorian Commons: Researching the House of Commons 1832-1868. It can be found here.